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These are the various articles, chats, and Daily Lifts I have made over the years as a Christian Science practitioner, teacher, and lecturer.


Did Judas really have a choice?

By Jane Dickinson-Scott
Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England

From the October 2011 issue of The Christian Science Journal
In this article, Jane answers the following questions sent in by a reader of The Christian Science Journal:

Did Judas have a choice? Jesus knew beforehand who would betray him, and when, and why. Yet, how is it possible that someone, anyone, can be irretrievably locked into a path of evil? That would be a form of curse, wouldn’t it?

The crucifixion had been prophesied centuries earlier. And Judas committed suicide in anguish and remorse. Did Judas have a choice? — from a reader in Beijing, China



Parented and parenting by divine love

A conversation with Jane Dickinson-Scott
By Suzanne Smedley

From the January 2010 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Once a mom—or “mum,” as the British would say—always a mom. “Parenting is a 24/7 occupation that stretches ahead of us as far as we can see,” JANE DICKINSON-SCOTT says with a wisdom born of raising six children. Nevertheless, mothering—not only her children and five grandchildren, but countless other people who have come into her life—has clearly been one of her greatest joys and challenges.



Properly ID’d: Who am I and what is my purpose?

A free talk given by Jane Dickinson-Scott
at the London Olympics, Stratford Reading Room

1 September 2012


Always a Way Ahead

A Daily Lift by Jane Dickinson-Scott

9 July 2012